Waqar Ahmed, M.Sc.


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  2023 Open

FPGA development and experimental analysis of beamforming and beam-tracking in 6G networks

Millimeter-wave frequencies (30-300 GHz) will be dominating 6G communications, providing users with tens of Gbps data rates. However, communication at such high frequencies requires using highly directional beams to compensate for the propagation loss. In our group, we have access to unique software-defined radios capable of communication at 70 GHz with 4GHz of bandwidth. If you are interested in performing experimental studies in this area and contributing to the research in the next generation of mobile networks, this could be your topic. Research objective: Test and development of agile beamforming/tracking for 6G systems Expected gain of knowledge: Wireless communication, FPGA programming


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BeamSec: A Practical mmWave Physical Layer Security Scheme Against Strong Adversaries